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Background and policy objectives

Please describe the main challenges your town/city is facing in relation to road safety and your main road safety policy objectives.
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Executive summary: Excellence

Please briefly explain why the measure that you are submitting is an outstanding example for improving road safety at local level and how other towns/cities could learn from this example.
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Consistency with local road safety/transport strategy

Q1. What are the road safety problems that the measure tackles and how does it tackle them? What is its place in the local road safety/transport strategy?
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Impact on improving road safety (effectiveness and efficiency)

Q2. What has been the effect of the measure? How was the effect measured and evaluated? In what way is it particularly effective and/or efficient? How does it complement other measures?
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Q3. In what way(s) is the measure innovative?
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Cooperation with higher/lower governance levels and stakeholders

Q4. How have other government levels and/or stakeholders (for example transport operators, new mobility service providers, industry, schools, hospitals, the police, civil society) been involved in the development and/or implementation of the measure? What benefits has this cooperation produced?
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Q5. How easy would it be for other towns/cities to implement the same measure? What factors facilitate a transfer or make it more difficult?
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